‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Review



The story of performer Rudy Ray Moore, who assumed the role of an iconic pimp named Dolemite during the 1970s.

There isn’t a movie that has flown under the radar this year more than Dolemite Is My Name, a Netflix original starring Eddie Murphy and directed by Craig Brewer. The film follows the story of Rudy Ray Moore, an independent comedian who became famous under the persona of Dolemite.

This story is awesome, and one that I was completely unfamiliar with, and the way it is brought to life by Murphy and company is absolutely phenomenal. I watched this because I had been hearing good things, and man was I impressed.

Murphy absolutely steals the show. This may be the greatest performance of his entire career. He is charismatic and hilarious, while also offering a very real look at how hard it is to make it as an entertainer. One scene will have you in tears from laughing at the way Murphy jumps off the screen, the next will have you holding back tears as he deals with the rejection.

Murphy has done a lot of great things over his career, but I honestly thing this portrayal of Moore is the best thing he has done. It’s always a question how the Netflix movies will do when Academy Awards season rolls around, but it’d be absolutely criminal if Murphy doesn’t get a best actor nomination for this role.

It isn’t just Murphy who makes this movie so great. The cast is huge and incredible, as the ensemble group features Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps, Craig Robinson, Tituss Burgess, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock and Moore. Each of these people brings a hilarious layer to this film, and together they make it a truly enjoyable watch.

The other performance that deserves its own recognition comes from Da’Vine Joy Randolph, who plays Lady Reed. Randolph is electrifying in every scene she is in, and like Murphy offers a great balance between humor and reality.

This film is absolutely fantastic. It is raunchy and vile just like the source material, and it makes you really feel like you are back in that time making a movie with these hilarious characters. Moore’s crew makes you fall in love with them, and the way each and every character is portrayed is brilliant. The cast is electrifying, the script is fantastic and the actual movie is shot beautifully.

This is a movie that may get overlooked at awards season, but it really shouldn’t. This cast delivers one of, if not the best, performances of the entire year, and Murphy is absolutely phenomenal. Netflix has made some great movies and some stinkers, and this definitely falls into the prior. Apart from maybe Roma, this is Netflix’s best movie (I haven’t had the opportunity to see The Irishman yet). If you haven’t watched this, please do. It’s a feel-good movie with stunning performances that is absolutely hilarious.

Rating: 90/100

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